Banana Spiders – Guide on the Different Types of Banana Spiders

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Banana SpidersBanana Spiders have gathered a bad reputation over the years as being deadly killers. All over the web, stories of a family who bought a bunch of bananas and escaped a ‘narrow’ death’ perpetuate the negative notion that people have about Banana Spiders. This article aims to shed light on this misunderstood group of spiders.

Banana Spiders – How Many Types Are There?

Although it is true that some types of this spider may cause injury or harm to humans, not all bearing the name are harmful spiders. In fact, there are 3 distinct types of spiders bearing the name of the Banana Spider. Namely, they are the Golden silk orb-weaver, the Argiope appensa, and the deadly Brazilian wandering spider. More information about their differences are discussed below:

3 Different Types of Banana Spiders

Golden Silk Orb Weaver

Argiope Appensa

Brazilian Wandering Spider

Information Golden Silk Orb Weavers are also known as Writing Spiders and Giant Wood Spider. The biggest spiders which ever lived belonged to this type of spiders and have lived millions of years ago. Their name is derived from the golden color of their silk which is very distinctive of their type. They are also known as Nephila Spiders and are the oldest living genus of spiders with ancestors dating back to over 165 million years. This type of Banana Spider also goes by the name of Hawaiian Garden Spider. They are found on the islands dotting the Western Pacific Ocean. They are not native to Hawaii but was just introduced to the island. It is the Hawaiian natives who have started referring to them as Banana Spiders. They can be found as far south of the pacific as Guinea and as far north as Taiwan. This type of Banana Spider has a venom strong enough to kill a human being. They are a type of aggressive venomous spiders which can be found in south and central America. The articles and news reports about people suffering from spider bites of the Banana Spider is bitten by this deadly spider. However, although the venom of the Brazilian Wandering Spider is medically significant, bites are not that common. Sensationalized news reports of all Banana Spiders being killers or potential killers are unfounded. People live with and interact with these spiders in Brazil on a daily basis and out of the millions of encounters, only a handful has led to bites and death.
Toxicity Not harmful to humans. Not harmful to humans. Medically significant venom. Several people have died from being bitten by the Brazilian Wandering Spider. An antivenin is available and is highly effective if administered as soon as possible.

Banana Spiders – Are they That Scary?

Of the 3 known types of Banana Spiders, only the Brazilian Wandering Spider poses some threat to humans. However, this is not a cause for alarm as these creatures have fangs so small that it is not always possible for them to inject venom on the very rare occasions that they do bite a human being.

Banana Spiders – What You Need to Know

Not all spiders bearing the Banana Spider Name can harm humans. In fact, there are a lot more spider-related injury inflicted by more common spiders which can cause more harm. Identification of those types of spiders are further discussed in another one of our articles.

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