Spider Traps – The Best Way to Catch and Kill Spiders

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spider trapsSpider traps would be the best choice to make for catching and killing spiders. However, nowadays, traps can be set to simply catch the spider and not kill is. So what are spider traps and what are the best traps for spiders out there?

Spider Traps – What Are They?

Spider traps are the contraptions we use for two purposes. One is to catch a spider, and two, to kill a spider. Most household traps for spiders are designed to catch and kill, while those used by bug experts and enthusiasts are of course designed to simply catch spiders but not harm them.

Spider Traps – The Types of Traps for Spiders

We will talk about traps used in the home in this article, and of course, traps for spiders used at home are designed to catch and kill spiders. These traps are usually made with a sticky surface and can be baited or non-baited. The sticky surface is often adhering to a cardboard or other light material such as thick paper or very thin wood.

Spider Traps – Sticky Traps

Sticky traps can be laid down flat on the floor, but in most cases they are folded. This is for two reasons. One, spiders love areas which seem secluded, and two, a folded sticky trap will also ensure that humans and pets will not accidentally step on it and get stuck. Oftentimes, cats are the victim of this as they also like areas where spiders lurk and walk on like back of furniture, baseboards, and above cupboards.

Sticky Spider Traps Types

Sticky traps for spiders can come in a ready to use package or a type wherein you need to apply the sticky material in spray, liquid, or semi-solid form to the surface of the trap. Both traps may have advantages and disadvantages of course.

  • The ready-to-use types are very convenient for the busy home-owners or those only have a very minor spider problem. They are often more expensive and comes in a pre-determined size. They also come in boxes of 2-12 which may mean you need to do several purchases.
  • The do-it-yourself traps are cheaper and can offer you more freedom in how large you may want your trap to be. It can be customized by you depending on your needs. You may apply the substance as thin or as thick as you want depending on the size of the spiders that you want to trap. You may also choose the size of the trap you are going to make and decide

Spider Traps – How to Set It

Ready to use traps for spiders just needs to be taken out of its package and laid down where spiders are likely to walk or crawl. Some of the ready to use traps needs to be folded to protect pets from walking on it. There are also traps which are made by the user by using a commercially available sticky substance which can be either in spray, liquid, or semi-solid form. Once applied on the surface you want to use, it can be laid down on areas that spiders frequent just like the ready to use traps.

Spider Traps – Are They Harmful to Humans too?

Most traps for spiders have formulations that are safe for humans and pets. Some brands are even used by the government in forestry so they are safe for the environment and the living creatures in it. The only way it can harm you or a bug is if you get stuck to buckets and buckets of the material or in the case of the bug, if it gets stuck to the sticky surface.

Spider Traps –What are the Best Products to Use?

Spider traps can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some brands are better at catching small spiders, and some are better at catching bigger spiders. Most sticky traps for spiders can also be used for other bugs and even small mice, so they are better to use than insecticides which can harm you and your pets and can also be used instead of baits for small mice.

With all the good points stated in this article, don’t you think the best way to control spiders and other crawling bugs are spider traps?

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