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Hobo Spiders – Facts and Fallacies about the Hobo Spider

Being one of the most feared amongst the types of spiders, Hobo Spiders indeed has become known for the unsavoury acts and dangers that these spiders supposedly are capable of, but is there any truth to any of those claims? This article aims to shed light to the facts and fallacies concerning this reportedly aggressive […]

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Grass Spider – Get to Know the Grass Spider

The Grass Spider is a group of common spiders which resides on grassy areas and catches their prey by their cleverly crafted webs to which the prey can fall in and be easily grabbed by the spider. There are many types of Grass Spiders and all of them contribute to the ecosystems in which they […]

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Brown Recluse – Brown Recluse Spider Facts and Fallacies

The Brown Recluse Spider is one of the most misunderstood creatures amongst the ranks of spiders. Hundreds, if not thousands of spider bites has been attributed to the Brown Recluse, but is there any truth to its supposed ferocity? This article aims to expose the facts and fallacies about this misunderstood spider. Brown Recluse – […]

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Black Widow – Black Widow Spiders Facts and Fallacies

The Black Widow is one of the most feared of the types of spiders all over the world and for a good reason. It is said to be that the bite of the Black Widow has a venom potency which is 15x stronger than that of the rattlesnake’s, but is there any truth to this? […]

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Banana Spiders – Guide on the Different Types of Banana Spiders

Banana Spiders have gathered a bad reputation over the years as being deadly killers. All over the web, stories of a family who bought a bunch of bananas and escaped a ‘narrow’ death’ perpetuate the negative notion that people have about Banana Spiders. This article aims to shed light on this misunderstood group of spiders. […]

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